Day 1 – Flying

Our first day of travel started with an alarm at 3 AM. After some quick last second checks of our packing we were off to the airport at 3:45 to catch our 6 AM flight to Denver. The airport was quiet at 4:15 in the morning so we had no problems getting right through security so we could sit and wait for our flight. We would soon realize we would have a lot of time waiting throughout the day. Our first flight to Denver was very quick and we thought this was going to be a nice easy day. After a very quick stop in Denver we were off to Los Angeles for the second leg of our three part journey. After another quick flight we were in LA at 9:50 AM, just in time for our 5 PM flight. With just about 7 hours until our next flight we grabbed our bags and checked them in for our next flight. We decided food was next on our agenda since we hadn’t yet eaten. We found a shuttle to In and Out Burger (it was really for a parking garage next door) and had a delicious lunch. With stomachs full we noticed a perfect view of the airport with a nice park next door. We spent the next three hours watching planes take off and land, often at the same time on runways right next to each other.



After spending some time in the fresh air and afternoon sun we made our way back to the airport to wait around for our next flight into Hilo. We arrived in Hilo after sunset so we really didn’t get to see any of the island before calling it a night. After a long day of travel we called it an early night in anticipation of the

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