Hawaii Part 2

We started our third day bright and early to birds singing outside and the sun shining. Our hosts feed the birds each morning and it is a nice way to start the day. While planning our day we consulted our new hosts about our activities for the day. We were given the idea to take the scenic route along the coast toward Hawi on our way to Pololu Valley for a morning of hiking. The scenery on our way changed from lava rock to rain forest as we started getting closer. 

Pololu Valley Lookout

At the top we started to wonder what we were getting ourselves into that morning. Our hike down was a very steep decline with rocks and roots covering the path. It was starting to heat up but we didn’t notice too much as we made our way down into the valley. At each turn in the trail we could see the ocean getting closer. Our excitement to see the black sand beach was growing as we made our way down the path. Once we made it to the bottom our first view was of the valley and a river leading back into the valley.


We walked a short amount before the path opened up to see the black sand beach and the ocean. It was incredible to see the ocean crashing into the black sand.


The haze in the photo above is from all the mist coming off the waves. This really upped the humidity on the beach.

We decided to take a break and sit in the shade to enjoy the view of a surfer in the waves. After a short while we decided to move into the shade and enjoy a snack. After about 30 minutes we decided we should start making our way to the top again since the sun was coming out and it was starting to heat up quickly. The hike up started much easier than the trail down and we thought it wouldn’t be very hard at all to get back up to the top. About half way up we learned we were sadly mistaken. The heat and humidity started to get really bad and we weren’t finding much shade. By the time we made it to the top we both were soaked in sweat and exhausted from the trail.

We decided we would take a different route back towards the house. The drive back was just as beautiful as the ride there. We drove through a ranch which provided great views of the rolling hills and the cattle ranch. 

Ranch Lookout

In Waimea we stopped a grocery store for some fruit and sandwiches that we took to Hapuna Beach and enjoyed a little picnic in the shade. We spent a few hours just enjoying the cool breeze and relaxing in the shade. 

Late in the afternoon we went back to the house to clean up before heading out for dinner after the sunset. We stopped at Anaeho’omaln Beach and watched the sunset.


We took some more advice from our hosts and decided to stop at Ippy’s Hawaiian BBQ. We tried the Kalua pork and Mac salad. It was a great meal to end the day. Back at the house we decided to attempt a little photography of the night sky with a new lens. We captured a great picture of the Milky Way from the backyard of the house. 

Milky Way

One thought on “Hawaii Part 2

  1. Saundra

    It sure is beautiful out their, but couldn’t keep up with the walking. Have fun.
    U. Ron and I will walk together with you. Keep up the progress report we are enjoying it. Luv, U. Ron & A. Saundra🌴🌾🌿🍃🍃🌺🌾🏄‍♀️🤽🏻‍♀️🏄🏻‍♂️


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