Hawaii Part 5

6:30am and we were out the door on our way to the South Point of the Island to hike to the Green Sand Beach.  About two hours after we started our drive we arrived to the road that would take us to the trailhead for the hike, just eight more miles down the road we would have to go.  At the trailhead there were about five cars and a bunch of locals who were giving directions and asking if tourists would need the shuttle to the beach.  We were told to head down to the ocean and turn left and that is what we did.  We declined the shuttle so they pointed us in the right direction. We decided to follow the coast down to the beach to take in the views of the ocean and the lava rock.


Pano of Trail to GSB

After about an hour and a half we noticed many people hiking back.  This was a good clue that we were still headed in the right direction. We knew we arrived when we saw the coast open up to a large bay with cliffs on both sides.

IMG_5040Us at GSB

We watched as people made their way down to the beach so we decided that we would go down and admire the Green Sand.  At the top there were about 6 stars down to lava rock, then you would make your way between the rocks to the bottom.  It was a tight squeeze but it was all worth it in the end.  The Green Sand Beach was amazing.  Watching the waves crash into the coast showed the strength fo the ocean and the current in this area.  The Green Sand would be described as an Olive Green Color and soft.

Sign at GSBIMG_5044

Green Sand and BeachGreen SandFeet in sand

After sometime at the beach it was time to head up and back to the car.  We did not hike the coast this time around since it was longer and we were ready to get out of the sun.  There was no shade on this hike and it was starting to get hot so we used the jeep trails to get us back a little bit quicker (still took about an hour and a half in the heat and sun).  Once back at the car the AC was turned on to high and we were on our way out.  We decided that we were close enough to Volcanoes National Park that we would go through there again and enjoy our lunch with a nice view at a scenic point.

Lunch View from VNP

We made our way to the bottom and then headed back up.  We stopped by the steam vents again to stand in the steam to feel how hot it actually was since we didn’t do that the first time.  We then headed back to the house and went through the middle  of the island where we were basically driving through the clouds.

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