Hawaii Part 6

Another 6:30am start this morning to make our way to Waipi’o Valley to hike down to the valley.  It was cloudy with a little bit a drizzle that did not stop us. It slowed down the hike a little bit because the trail was very steep (25% grade). At the bottom of of the hill, we walked though the trees to make our way to the beach.  We saw a river and started over there so we could see the valley.  At the opening the river ran down the middle splitting the Black Sand Beach in half.  We saw three other individuals cross the river.  We saw the water was waist deep so we decided against crossing with our camera. 


The waves were rather large this morning at the beach.  As we were looking around we saw the Waterfall that we had spotted the other day and then we saw another one that was not visible from the lookout since there are rocks in the way.  Both waterfalls just came out from the rocks down to the ocean on each side of the river. 



After sometime down at the beach, we started to make our way up before the clouds broke and the sun came out.  We made our way to the steep roadway up and started the .6 mile climb.  Going up was easier but since it was wet it made for slippery conditions if you were not paying attention.  After a few too many breaks on the way up, we made it to the car as it really started to rain.  This was somewhat expected since we were on the rainforest side of the island.  We headed back to the house to relax for a little bit before we headed up to Mauna Kea for the stargazing.  As we drove it was not looking promising since there were a lot of clouds and it was raining to the south.  We still gave it a try but when we got the top we found out stargazing was canceled for that night.  We debated on staying and then it started to rain and we headed back down to see if we could make the sunset at the beach. 


After the sunset we tried to take pictures of the Milky Way, but the moon was too bright to get the milky way.  Instead we put out the hammock and looked at the stars.

Our last day on the Big Island we spent at Hapuna Beach.  We went snorkeling right away to see what kind of fish were out at the reef.  We made our way to the north part of the beach where there was lava rock in the water.  We saw a fish or two on our way to the reef, but when we reached the reef there were a variety of fish swimming around.  There was a school of larger fish that were near the surface of the water that were just hanging out.  It was a little difficult to see through the water as the waves were picking up.  After swimming a while looking at all the fish we started to make our way back to shore.  As we were swimming we saw a blue and yellow fish that looked like Dory from Finding Nemo.  We used the waves to help get us back to shore to a point, until we noticed that the waves were breaking at the shore.


We made our way back in the water to hang out in the waves before we called it a day at the beach.  The waves were getting larger and we felt the current pushing us around in the water.  After the beach we headed back to clean up and get ready to try and go up on the mountain again.  Stargazing was canceled so we decided to heard down to Kona to walk around and see what was there.  After about an hour we had seen all of Kona and raced back to get pictures of the last sunset on the Big Island.  The sunset was beautiful with the oranges and pinks draped across the sky.  We really enjoyed the Big Island of Hawaii and would love to come back here someday.


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