Sydney – Botanic Gardens

Our first full day exploring Sydney, Australia started at the Royal Botanic Gardens. We began by just wandering around looking at all the different plants, flowers, and trees.  We saw everything from Coffee Trees to Cactus.  After wandering for a while we decided to make our way towards the water to see Mrs Macquarie’s Chair.  This path took you along the shore of the harbor and you were able to see across the harbor to the Sydney Opera House.


We walked around the top of the point and located an Australian Naval Base, where they were moving a ship out of port.  We sat and watched one ship being moved out of the port and one that was being moved within the port before we continued our walk down the path.  We came up to Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool.  This is a pool that is for members but they allow guests to pay to swim in the pool or use the facility.


We went back to the point and saw the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge from across the harbor.  This view was more spectacular than the first one we saw the other day from Blue Point Reserve. We walked over to the Sydney Opera House and walked up to the front after climbing the stairs and taking in the fact that we were at the Sydney Opera House.  The Opera House is much more impressive up close than it is far away, and with the sun shinning it was nicer to see than on a cloudy day.  With the Sydney Harbor Bridge right behind it, the pictures that could be taken were unlimited.  The roof of the Sydney Opera House is all tile pieces that create a design.


We walked around the outside of the Opera House and then walked down towards the Wharfs. The area for the Opera House was very busy with tourists walking around. After some lunch we went back to the Royal Botanic Gardens.  There was an exhibit that opened at the beginning of the month called Plants with Bite, so we went and checked it out.  All the plants in this exhibit were carnivorous plants, except for the floral wall which had about 15,000 individual plants in it.  I did not know that there were more than just the Venus Fly Traps the ate insects.


After we were done at the exhibit we made our way back through Hyde Park and past St Mary’s Cathedral.  We decided to relax for the night because were were going to be doing a long hike the next day.


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