Sydney -Spit Bridge to Manly Walk

IMG_2151Today was a good day to do the Spit Bridge to Manly Hike, the weather today was a little cooler and it was going to be cloudy most of the day.  This hike is ten kilometers along the coast from the Spit Bridge along the coast to Manly.  It would be about a three to five hour hike.  We started by taking two trains and a bus to get to the Spit Bridge.  From there we walked north across the bridge and then under it to start the hike along the coast.  As soon as we made the first turn on the path we noticed that all the noise from the bridge was gone and it was just the noises of nature.  We walked around Fisher Bay on some  wooden platforms that were built for the walk. We saw the small beach that was there and the boats that were out in the bay that were docked.  We noticed that there were some very expensive boats in this area.  We continued down the path that has trees on both sides of the path that eventually opened up to Sandy Bay. We walked along the sand and down towards the marina through the park. At this point the tide was high and we walked through the neighborhood.  To get to the neighborhood we walked through a grassy area where there was a yoga class getting started to happen.


The path was clearly marked so we knew where we were going the entire time.  We went through many small neighborhoods along the coast. Many houses had floor to ceiling windows that would provide a great view of the harbor. We also passed many small beaches. We didn’t get to stop and enjoy any of the beaches because it was so cool outside. We walked to the point where we could go down to Castle Rock Beach and decide to stick to the path since we were not swimming.  The paths were some times dirt with rock and sometimes there were wooden platforms or metal grates for people to walk on.  Wooden planks were used for stairs to get up the hills that were in front of us.


At one point we left the trail to find our way to the Grotto Point Lighthouse.  This path was not clearly marked like the rest of them, but we did see wild turkeys on this path.  Some of the plants were growing over the path which made it harder to get through.  Making our way through the rocks and trees, we finally made it to the lighthouse.  The lighthouse at the point was a smaller white lighthouse and very close to the edge of the point.  The lighthouse was fenced in to prevent people from approaching. We only walked a little bit around the fence since it was so close to the edge and the signs clearly stated the cliffs could break away if you went to close to the edge. After a few pictures we started on our way back to the trail.


As we continued our walk we came upon some Aboriginal Engravings and decided to see what they were all about.  The engravings were  surrounded by wood planks so people would not walk on them. This area was open as the engravings were on the ground. As we continued on our walk we noticed that the bottom 2 feet of the trees were burnt on one side of the path and we thought there was a fire.  A little ways down we saw a sign that there were controlled burns happening for bush regeneration.  We kept on walking and went past Reef Beach, this is where we stopped on a bench to look out at the beach and take in the views.


We continued on our way and passed Forty Baskets Beach.  At this point we saw some beautiful houses that were right on the beach that had views that I could only imagine were amazing. We had to walk over some rocks to get to this beach.  Walking up hill we passed a Marina and walked over a bridge which went over a creek.  We were able to see the backyards of the house and there were some amazing views and pools the could be seen while walking over this bridge.  We ended up at the North Harbour Reserve where we had a snack and took a short break.  This reserve was a big open area that had basketball courts, a playground, benches, picnic tables and lots of grass for dogs to run around in.  When we continued it was up more stairs and through more neighborhoods before the path had homes on one side and the water on the other.  The homes we saw were all different types.  First they started out as single family homes then moved on to what looked like condos or apartments.  We walked passed Fairlight Beach and Fairlight Beach Pool. There were a few people swimming in the pool in wet suits.  The waves were crashing over the side of the pool which was giving it more water.  We knew we were getting close since we kept seeing the ferries coming and going out of the next Cove.

We continued until we reached the Wharf for the ferries.  We knew we had made it to Manly and we decided to get some lunch.  We had started this hike around 8:00am and it was about 12:00pm.  We did this part of the hike in four hours.  We ate lunch and headed on the rest of the hike to Manly Beach.  We made our way to Little Manly Point which took us past Little Manly Cove.  The beach there had a boat ramp and a separate area for swimming. We hiked around Collins Flat to Colins Flat Beach where we saw a small water fall.  This beach was very quiet and to get here you had to go through a trail of trees and stairs.  There was a gate that you needed to go through to get here.  We continued on the path that we thought was correct and came to a road for the Australian Institute of Police Management.  This is when we decided to walk the road to Manly Beach.  This part of the walk was in the sun and uphill until we got to the main road.  The road was lined with trees on both sides until right before the main road when you went under a bridge. Then it was downhill from there all the way to Manly Beach.  We made it to Manly Beach and sat on a bench for a few minutes to take in the massive beach that was in front of us.  With a quick look at the ferry schedule we made our way to the Wharf so we could catch the ferry back to Circular Quay.  On the ferry we were able to see another lighthouse in the distance, Hornby Light House.  At the Wharf we caught the train and made it back to the Hostel we were staying at for the night.  


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