Sydney – Taronga Zoo

In Sydney, we decided to go to the Taronga Zoo.  We took the train to Circular Quay and bought our zoo tickets before boarding the ferry to Taronga Zoo.  We took the Skytram to the main entrance and then started our way around the zoo.  The zoo is situated facing towards the Sydney Opera House so you can see it at different times through out the zoo.  We started off by seeing the Koalas then the reptiles and actually walking through the reptile area.


There were a lot more reptiles than what we would normally see at the zoo at home.  There were frogs, lizards, snakes, alligators, and turtles all in this exhibit.  We went through all the bird exhibits and were amazed at all the different birds.  We spent a lot of time looking at the different bird exhibits and trying to get pictures of them. At the Zoo there were not that many big animals like lions and tigers, but we did see elephant and giraffes.  There are more little animals that you would see in Australia and in the Outback in this zoo.  


We also saw animals that you would only see in the dark.  This exhibit was indoors in the darkness since these animals only come out at night.  There were quite a few animals that would only come out at night from mice to Owls.  We also saw a few seals and two different types of penguins.  The smaller penguins were blue and white and the others were black and white.



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