Sydney – Last Days in the City

On our second to last night in Sydney, we waited until sunset to walk to the Mrs Marquarie’s Point to get pictures of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House at night.  The same night was an event in the park called Light The Night.  We decided to start at the point and work our way backwards.  There were a lot of people already set up with their cameras waiting for the sun to set.  We were all there to capture some beautiful images after the sun had set from across the harbor.


We then decided to walk through the event.  Light the Night was a bike ride around the park for Leukemia.  There were lights placed throughout the park that lit up trees and different parts of the park.  Also, the riders decorated their bikes in lights for their ride around the park.


Our last day in Sydney we decided to walk to Moore Park.  We sat and had breakfast at the park watching a group of people playing soccer. We continued our walk and found the stadium that had a soccer game the night before.


That night we went to the Opera House after sunset to see it at night all lit up.  We were also looking at the bridge and taking in the views.  This was our last night in Sydney before we headed up to the Blue Mountains the next day.  The next time we would be back would be right before we fly to Cairns, Australia for the next adventure.


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