Australia – Katoomba

After our time in Sydney we made our way west into the Blue Mountains, a World Heritage listed area. Our first place was in Katoomba, a small town famous for Three Sisters. The town was very busy with tourists taking the train into town and making the quick walk to see Three Sisters. This was one of the busier towns in the Blue Mountains.

With the weather warming up (around 80 F each day), we decided we would start out with some easier hiking. The first hike was named the Prince Henry Cliff Walk. The track takes you to a few lookouts over the valley below. Along the trail we also checked out Katoomba Falls and Katoomba Cascades. There hadn’t been much rain in the area so the waterfalls and cascades were not running very strong. 


The Cascades were rolling over the rocks very gracefully down to the bottom. The water then ran down a small creek until the falls. There were benches in the area to sit and watch the water.  Since the water was low, we were able to walk across on some rocks instead of using the bridge. We then climbed the stairs to continue the hike towards Echo Point and Three Sisters.

On our walk from the cascade to Echo Point, the amount of tourists started to increase.  We walked up to a few lookouts and then continued on to see the Three Sisters. Three Sisters is a famous rock formation in the valley.  It is three towers of rocks that are very prominent. The story behind the rocks is that three sisters fell in love with three men from another tribe and they were not allowed to marry. They were turned into stone to protect them from harm.


We noticed on our walk back to the house that this is a spot for tour buses to stop and let people out to walk around.  There is a small visitor center at Echo Point that will provide maps and assist with showing you hikes.  It also sells souvenirs for people to buy.  We came back later that night to take pictures of the Katoomba Cascades.  When we came back it was very quiet and peaceful.  The water was flowing down and there were very few people there.  It was a very different feel from earlier in the day.


Another night in Katoomba we walked back to Three Sisters to see it all lit up at night.  We were able to see the sunset behind the ridge.  There was a sign that pointed out certain spots and it was easy to find all the spots it was talking about.  We waited till dark to get a few pictures and see the Three Sisters lit up at night before heading back to our house.  


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