Australia – Wentworth Falls

For our hike to see Wentworth Falls we decided we would start out by following the Charles Darwin Walk. This trail started in Wilson Park, a short walk from the train station in Wentworth Falls. The trail followed along Jamison Creek to Wentworth Falls. The trail was pretty well marked and easy to follow with very little overgrowth in the area. While walking we passed many people out for walks with their dogs and some small little cascades.


After a short walk and some great little waterfalls we made it to the top of Wentworth Falls. Here we had a choice to make, either we could cross the top of the falls and go down the stairs to the bottom of the falls or we could continue along the path. We decided we would see how the path across looked. We made our way across easily because there wasn’t much water flowing. On the other side of the falls the stairway started. These were all carved into the stone by men in the early 1900’s by hand and dynamite. We quickly decided we were not going to attempt going down (~600 ft) and back up the stairs after seeing two people slowly climbing back up and because we still wanted to hike along the top of the valley. 


We quickly climbed back up the stairs and across the creek back to the trail toward Fletchers Lookout. The lookout was a great view of the valley and a nice view of the entire waterfall. We knew then we made the right decision to skip going down the stairs. We continued on the trail toward Undercliff Track. A unique track that took you under the cliffs and in the shade. We both had to duck under some rocks as we followed the trail and stopped at a few lookouts. We found a nice shaded spot with some rocks to rest on while we enjoyed a snack and watched the birds. 


After watching the birds and enjoying a quick snack we continued on the trail. We skipped some of the lookouts along the way because they all had the same view of the valley that we were hiking along. We continued on the trail to a point that you would start on the Overcliff Trail or a car park. Amanda had to use the washroom so we made the trek to the top of the stairs. About half way up we regretted this. We made it to the top of the trail to the car park and found a bench to rest on. We then walked to see the Wentworth Falls Lookout and the Jamison Valley Lookout.  We could access the other lookouts that we skipped but that would take us back to areas we already walked past.


Then it was time to go back to the bottom of the stairs. We made it back to the point in the trail that we needed to go.  We  crossed a bridge and then it was uphill. We started the climb up the stairs to the Overcliff trail.  This trail would lead us towards the Conservation Hut.  We made a few stops on the way up the stairs since they were pretty steep.  It leveled out a bit while we headed away from the cliff.  

Continuing on the trail, it started to get muddy as we made our way up a small incline. At this point, the trail went two different ways; towards Queen Victoria’s Lookout or towards the Conservation Hut.  The path we chose was towards the Conservation Hut which was all stairs to get to the top.  At the top, there were picnic tables and place to fill up water bottles.  After a short break, we continued our walk back to the train station.  There was sometime to spare before the train would arrive so we found a spot in Wilson Park to cool off from the hike.  There was a nice breeze which helped us dry off as well.  After this short time, we headed back to the train station and back to Katoomba.

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