New Zealand – Auckland

We have arrived in Auckland, New Zealand to start our adventure around both islands for just under 3 months.  While we were in Auckland we did a hike to Mount Eden, a volcano that last erupted 15,000 years ago.  Mount Eden is completely surround by the city of Auckland.  Our hike started out the front of the hotel and through neighborhoods of the city. As we were going up hill for most of the walk, we also noticed that the streets were pretty empty for a Monday morning.  Along the streets were a mixture of houses, coffee shops, and cafes that all smelled great with the food they were cooking.  

Arriving at the entrance to Mount Eden, we continued our walk up hill to make it to the top.  About half way to the top you reached the crater rim, which was completely grass.  There was no lava rock to be seen.  We had a choice of two ways to get to the top of Mount Eden and we chose to go to our left and walk on some dirt trails.  Continuing our walk up the dirt paths we made it to a flat area just below the top of Mount Eden.  The entire city of Auckland towards the harbor was in view.  


We continued up the path to the top of Mount Eden where you could see 360 degrees of the city below.  At this point we were about 196 meters high in the middle of the city.  


After a little bit we started our way down the volcano and peered into the middle about half way down.  This did not look like any of the volcanoes that we saw in Hawaii.  We continued our walk down and back to the hotel.  We were ready to get out of the city and see what the rest of New Zealand has to offer.

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