Blue Lake and Green Lake

The Blue and Green Lake are two very different lakes yet they are right next to each other.  The Blue Lake is blue in color and open to the public for swimming and boating. We did a loop track around the Blue Lake in hopes to find the lookout that you could see both lakes from.  We  walked the opposite direction most people waked so that we could see traffic when walking along the busy street for part of the walk.The trail did not have many views of the lake but we did get random peeks of the lake.  After we were done walking we did put our feet in the lake to test the water temperature, it was chilly at first but then beautiful. We drove up to the parking lot for the lookout and walked up it to check out the view of both lakes. This was the first time we were seeing the Green Lake.  The Green lake is a sacred lake and on private property so there is no swimming, fishing, boating in this lake.  It is only visible from this lookout and for a short part of the roadway that goes by the lake.

Blue Lake


Green Lake


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