McLaren Falls Park

We came to Mclaren Falls Park two nights in a row for waterfalls and the glowworms.  When you are driving into the area you go over a bridge that goes over McLaren Falls.  This waterfall was flowing fast after a lot of rain in the previous two weeks. 


Once in the park, we walked a path to another waterfall. This one was smaller in size that lead to a creek that went to a lake.  This path was a loop which if you went back after the sunset you would be able to see glowworms. We also walked a path that took us to the lake, where we sat and watched the ducks and swans in the water. 


The Glowworms were what we really wanted to see.  You had to be in the park before 7:30pm when the gates closed or you had to walk from the gate to the back of the park to the trail. When leaving you just pulled up to the gate and it would open to allow you out. We waited for the sun to go down then we made our first trip in with our camera to try and capture the glowworms with a long exposure picture.  As is got darker more and more glowworms were visible.  They were under dark overhangs in the soil and on rocks.  


It was amazing and it was free.  When we returned the next night we just walked the path a couple times taking in the glowworms since we were focused on pictures the night before.  We were in awe of how many there were and how cool it was to see.  

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