Mount Maunganui 

Mount Maunganui is a lava dome located on a peninsula by Tauranga. There are nice walking tracks around the mount and to the top for some gorgeous views. We started with a walk around the bottom track to view the ocean from below.  As we were almost back we started our way up to the top of the mount.  This path is all uphill but it would be worth it at the top.  While hiking up we would go through farm land that had sheep in certain areas.  Making it to the top took a little bit but when you make it the views of the surrounding city and water are breathtaking.  It was a clear day so we were able to see the coast line and the islands that were near the area.  The beaches were lined by the blue waters.  You felt like you were on top of the world.  


After exploring the top we started to make our way down  a different way than we came up.  Down was a lot of stairs and some more farmland where we saw the sheep in the grass and on the paths.  Down more stairs and we were back at the beach.  It turned out to be the perfect sunny day to hike the mount.


Leisure Island

Leisure Island is an island that is now connected to the shore with a sand bridge that was created by man.  Once on this island, we made our way to the North point and climbed on the rock for the amazing views of  Mount Maunganui and the Pacific Ocean.  The ocean breeze was amazing.


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