Rotorua is a town in the middle of the North Island that has a lot of geothermal activity.  One distinct thing you notice right away is the smell of rotten eggs, sulphur. We spent quite a bit of time in this area with lots of different things to do. One place we visited frequently was the Redwood Forest. There were many different walking paths through the forest and it was very popular with the mountain bikers. The trees here are just over one hundred years old, so not as large as you would find in the US but still very impressive given their age. 


We also walked the same path a few times at night because it took you to a great lookout over the city and the Te Puia Geyser. So instead of paying to go into the park and walk around we were able to watch the geyser go off from a distance while looking over the city. 


On our last walk through the forest we were on the hunt for a mud pool. Walking through the forest took you over one small area with very clear blue water and smelled like sulphur really bad.


We walked the trail that was marked for the mud pool, while a long walk it was mostly flat and pretty easy to find. We were less than impressed with this mud pool after seeing so many recently throughout the town and surrounding area. Nonetheless, it was a pretty cool site to see the mud bubbling with activity in the middle of the forest.


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